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Palindrome Day is today – First one in 909 years

For those who don’t know, but today is a first Palindrome Day in 909 years. Anyhow, you’re probably wondering why is this important? Well, this day surely is special for so many reasons. Namely, most of Las Vegas wedding chapels are offering special discounts for weddings on this day. Besides that, this day is very […]

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Low Temperature Causes Falling Iguanas in Florida

It’s not that common to see falling iguanas every day, but it’s certainly important to know about it. Namely, frozen iguanas are falling from trees in Florida. How? Why? Well, since the temperature is dropping low in Florida, iguanas can’t stand the freeze and they start falling from trees. Not that common, but it’s happening. […]

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Woman Alerts Police Using Pizza Hut App In Critical Hostage Situation

A startling event took place on Monday in Florida, which shows how staying calm in the most difficult and challenging situations can do wonders. Cheryl Treadway, a woman from Florida was held hostage with her 3 kids by her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson. Nickerson was high on drugs. He had a large knife and held Treadway […]

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Desperate Man Fires 8 Shots on His Computer Which Showed ‘Blue Screen of Death’

A 37-year-old man from Colorado fired eight shots with his handgun on…… his computer. Lucas Hinch has been cited by the local police department for using a weapon in the city premises. Hinch says that he was highly upset with his sloppy computer. Hinch runs a tea business named ‘Organica Herb’ in Colorado. He used […]

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Hallmark’s Hanukkah wrapping paper pulled after customers find swastikas in design

Hallmark Cards had to pull all rolls of their Hanukkah wrapping paper off shelves after customers notified them the pattern appears to have swastikas printed on the wrapping paper.  The blue and white Hanukkah (swastika) paper was something that passed by approvals without noticing the pattern. Hallmark spokeswoman Julie Elliott said the wrapping paper wasn’t […]

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Boy Attacked by Fisher Cat in Rehoboth, MA

A small wild animal scratched and bit a boy in Rehoboth, MA at a pool party on Monday night, officials said.  The animal attacked the boy around 9 p.m., said Jane Foster, Rehoboth’s animal control officer. “It was not the norm for an animal to come into a lot of activity” like the party, Foster […]

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WestJet Passenger Leaves Note On Napkin to Female Pilot

Lets just say this passenger didn’t leave the nicest comment to the pilot.  The reason?  The passenger didn’t like the fact that the pilot was a female. “To Capt. / WestJet,” the note, written on the back of a napkin reads, “The cockpit of airlier [sic] is no place for a woman. A woman being […]