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Harrison Ford’s Near Plane Crash Video Footage Released

harrison ford near plane crash video

On February 13th, Harrison Ford was landing his yellow single-engine plane and misjudged his landing when he came within meters of a 737 passenger airliner sitting on the taxiway in California.  The 74-year-old actor communicated with the air traffic control … Continued

Boy Attacked by Fisher Cat in Rehoboth, MA

fisher cat

A small wild animal scratched and bit a boy in Rehoboth, MA at a pool party on Monday night, officials said.  The animal attacked the boy around 9 p.m., said Jane Foster, Rehoboth’s animal control officer. “It was not the … Continued

Student Teacher Fight Causes a Stir {Video}

There’s a video going around that shows a fight between a teacher and a student.  According to reports, the fight started between the two when a student was confronted regarding drug possession.  The student ended up attacking the teacher.  The … Continued