iPhone Technology

Apple To Launch New AI Chips and Ditch Intel and Qualcomm

Apple has long been planning to cut its reliance on other companies when it comes to hardware chips for its iPhones. The company is reported to be working on new chips to ditch Intel. But a new report from Bloomberg suggest that Apple is also working on a new hardware chip specifically designed to power […]


How To Nest Folders Inside Other Folders In iOS 9

  Apple devices have only one layer of display screens to arrange your apps on and if you have apps that are rather dummy icons than oft-used apps, there is no easy way to hide them. Well, at least there was no easy way until iOS 7, which allowed a nesting solution so you might […]

Android Facebook Technology

You Can Now Doodle on Facebook Photos Before Uploading: Here’s How

Photo upload has been one feature which has constantly been updated by Facebook; thanks to the ever growing competition between photo sharing apps and social media platforms. Facebook has always proved to be not-so-late at catching up a feature whenever it seemed like capturing the attention of social media users, even if that meant buying some […]

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Yahoo’s New Livetext App Lets You Do Audio-Free Video Messaging With Style

Yahoo has launched a new messaging app “Livetext”, which has some pretty unique features promising to give your daily chatting experience a new vibe. Livetext superimposes text on videos, but there is no sound involved. So for example, if you are hiking somewhere, you can quickly send the video of yours with a text on […]

Android Facebook Social Media

How to Send Funny GIFs Directly from Imgur in Facebook Messenger in Android, iPhone

Imgur has introduced a new feature in its Android and iOS app using which you can send reaction GIFs from Imgur directly in Facebook Messenger. This really spice up things; you can post funny, interesting GIFs in chats. A GIF can sum up all the reaction and feeling during an online chat. The process is […]

Android Technology

Samsung’s Game Recorder + App Lets you Record Screen While Playing any Game on Android Phone

Samsung has launched a great new app that will be useful and nifty for millions of Android users. Samsung’s new Game Recorder + app lets you record your screen while playing any game. So next time you make new records on Candy Crush, you won’t need to make empty claims as you will have a […]