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Apple HomePod VS Amazon Echo: Which One Should You Buy

Apple announced its first ever smart speaker, HomePod, on Monday. The speaker will be powered by virtual assistant Siri. The product is an initiative by Apple to expand into the $50 billion wireless smart speaker industry. The idea of HomePod isn’t new. Amazon, the pioneer in the smart speaker industry, launched its smart speaker, Echo, […]

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Apple To Launch New AI Chips and Ditch Intel and Qualcomm

Apple has long been planning to cut its reliance on other companies when it comes to hardware chips for its iPhones. The company is reported to be working on new chips to ditch Intel. But a new report from Bloomberg suggest that Apple is also working on a new hardware chip specifically designed to power […]

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Google to Launch Game Streaming Service “YouTube Gaming”

Google has announced a new game streaming service called “YouTube Gaming”, which will be launched by this summer in the US and UK. A gaming service by Google was awaited since long. Google was also trying to land the billion dollar game streaming market. It tried to acquire Twitch—the famous game streaming service— but failed […]

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Apple Investing $2 Billion to Open New Data Centers in Europe

Apple has announced that it will open two new data centers in Europe for the first time. The tech giant will invest $2 billion in a data center endeavor, which, according to many experts, was taken after the massive demands from Europe to secure the data of iCloud, iTunes and other software services. US companies […]

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Google Giving $6 Credit to Chromecast Users as a Valentine’s Day Gift

  If you are a US-based Google Chromecast user, we have good news for you. Several sources have reported that Google is offering a $6 Play Store credit to all the Chromecast users residing in U.S on Valentine’s Day. Chromecast is simply a replacement for your HDMI cable. The added benefit is you can purchase […]

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Amazon Sent This Guy Hamburger Earmuff’s Instead of a T-Shirt

Josh Gates, host of the SyFy channel’s Destination Truth ordered a T-shirt from Amazon. Little did he know they would send hamburger earmuffs by mistake. The joke went viral from there.   @joshuagates You don’t get free shirts? SYFY really doesn’t like you, do they? — Klein Maetschke (@kleinmaetschke) December 12, 2013   #DestinationTruth t-shirt: […]

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What Could Go Wrong with Amazon’s Delivery Drone’s?

You’ve probably heard about Amazon’s recent news segment on ABC about their new drone delivery system.  The drone’s will pick up a package from an Amazon fulfillment station, right off the belt, then fly within 30 minutes to deliver a package.  Of course, there are jokers out there who want to prove why it will […]