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Samsung Smart TV Inserting Random Ads Without User Permission

Samsung’s latest Smart TV has suffered a PR disaster. A number of users have complained that during watching locally stored content on Samsung smart TV, pop up ads from nowhere surface on the screen and start playing, without the intent or permission of the user. The first report came on Reddit where a user said […]

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Google Giving $6 Credit to Chromecast Users as a Valentine’s Day Gift

  If you are a US-based Google Chromecast user, we have good news for you. Several sources have reported that Google is offering a $6 Play Store credit to all the Chromecast users residing in U.S on Valentine’s Day. Chromecast is simply a replacement for your HDMI cable. The added benefit is you can purchase […]

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Sony Online Entertainment Network Hacked And Flight Re-routed

A flight from Dallas to San Diego was re-routed to Phoenix instead following a bomb threat via Twitter. This happened on an odd day when the Sony Online Entertainment’s president, John Smedley, had his flight diverted to Phoenix in addition to Sony’s PlayStation Network being shut down by hackers. These two events happen to be […]

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Netflix Hack Day Helps With Improvements

As most everyone knows, Netflix is the quality provider of quality videos for individuals who choose to view movies at home. One of the newest events is Netflix Hack day. This is an event that happens every couple of months where Netflix product developers and technical teams play around with the inner workings of Netflix […]

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Best Smartphone apps for Football Fans

There are many football apps. Some are great, some are good and some are not so good. A football fan is always wanting to be in the mix of the game they love. They want football news, football games and football fun. Obviously they can’t try every single football app out there, that would take […]

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4 Amazing Products Released at CES 2014

Some of hottest new gadgets were revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. Thousands of companies, big or small, were showing off their new inventions and ideas and here is a look at the four amazing products of the show that were not much talked about around the web, but can really […]