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Bing’s Logo Redesign – Do You Like It?

Bing recently redesigned their logo to align it’s branding strategy. I can see why they would do this after looking at the multiple branding colors/logos you can see below the new logo on this page, however I don’t know if I’m a big fan of the “B” icon, it looks a little dated to me, […]

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Facebook Hashtags in Status Will Happen Soon

Facebook is working on implementing Twitters famous hashtag.  This should make Facebook a lot more useful for looking up trends, events, and general tags.  I would have thought they would have implemented this  a while ago so we’ll see how it unfolds.  As far as company branding and commercials go, Twitter is using hashtags to […]

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African Designed Smartphone, Tablet Hits Mainstream Markets

An African designed smartphone recently hit mainstream markets, following the success of its tablet predecessor. Both devices come from the high-tech startup VMK, which is owned by Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou. The tablet is called Way-C, which means “light of the stars,” while the smartphone is called Elikia, which means “hope,” according to Mashable. VMK […]

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How to Best Advertise Your Company : Social Media

The social media networks bring formidable benefits to businesses trading online, and more companies plan to increase their social-media spending this year. Traditional sales forces understand their products and focus on convincing business owners, consumers, and purchasing agents to place orders. Few salespeople study their customers’ habits in detail, but some do. Media advertising creates […]

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Solo Career Paths Need Personal Branding With SEO Infusion

No matter if you perform back massages, have your own law office, or offer SEO consultation, if you’re an independent professional you need electric business branding. Unfortunately for many people getting the professional assistance of a branding expert is typically beyond their budget limitations. Until the day comes when business picks up to the point […]


How To Use Facebook Analytics To Build Your Brand

Facebook for Branding & Marketing I think it’s a given that businesses and marketers are now realizing the important role that Facebook plays in their overall marketing strategy. From Facebook fan pages, to groups, and even to profiles, those with commercial interests are becoming increasingly curious as to how to leverage this thing called “Facebook”. […]