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Tokyo Businesses See the iPad as More Than a Toy

D. Offer writes about the iPad in Tokyo Businesses. Offer operates Chit Chat, a Facebook chat client that enables you to chat on Facebook without a web-browser. Launched as a rival to notebook computers, the iPad is now being put to the test in Tokyo’s business sector as more and more companies wake up to […]


How To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Worth Visiting

As many of you know, having an active and engaging Facebook Fan Page can be monumental in the growth of your business. The more people comment, like, and share your content the more exposure your Facebook Fan Page will receive and the more branding power your business will achieve. But let me ask you… what […]

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Why Social Media Is Critical For Branding Your Business

When I refer to “social media” in the title of this article, I am primarily referring to one platform – Facebook. Facebook has completely revolutionized the way businesses can build, reach, and convert new customers. This comes primarily from the fact that companies can brand their business and products on Facebook faster, more effectively, and […]

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Coke Freestyle Machine Brings 104 Flavor Mixes

Coke Freestyle Machine Brings 104 Flavor Mixes About a year ago I walked into an Atlanta fast food restaurant.  All I wanted was a simple Diet Coke with my meal.  When I approached the beverage dispenser I was glad that I took all those courses in engineering.  At first glance, just finding how to get […]

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BlackBerry News: Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider (Video)

BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider (Video) BoyGeniusReport has received an insider view of the new Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider. The inside view came with a 14 second video that gives us all a glimpse at the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9800. Here’s what BoyGeniusReport had to say about it:


Justin Bieber on SNL Video (Saturday Night Live)

Justin Bieber on SNL Video (Saturday Night Live) Justin Bieber (16 years old) starred on SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night and the teen pop sensation captivated viewers with his presence.

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Nexus One News – Cases & Covers Coming to T-Mobile

Very soon, you may be able to purchase accessories such as cases and covers for your Nexus One phone at T-Mobile. According to TmoToday, T-Mobile has been receiving new shipments of Nexus One phone accessories. However, T-Mobile isn’t the only place where you can get Nexus One accessories; Google and Seidio both carry Nexus One accessories.