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Coke Freestyle Machine Brings 104 Flavor Mixes

Coke Freestyle Machine Brings 104 Flavor Mixes

About a year ago I walked into an Atlanta fast food restaurant.  All I wanted was a simple Diet Coke with my meal.  When I approached the beverage dispenser I was glad that I took all those courses in engineering.  At first glance, just finding how to get it to dispense ice was a technical adventure, but thanks to the employee I was soon playing a game of “mix and match” that allowed me to dispense a multitude of beverage flavors.

Coke first introduced the customizable Coke Freestyle machine back in 2008, but now the revolutionary fountain drink machine is finally hitting the beverage scene with its 104 flavors.  The Coke Freestyle unit features a high-tech touchscreen that allows users to customize their drink. (What we used to call a “suicide”) For instance, if you want a little cherry flavor in your Sprite – then push the right pads.  If you want to mix Coke with fruit punch, push the right pads.

The Freestyle machine will be rolling out in mass with 500 to be shipped out this month in the U.S.

But, what really amazed me was that it even dispensed Diet Coke, with just Diet Coke, and that is all I wanted in the first place.  Hey, the machine is pretty.

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