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social media seo logoSMSEO covers news and information that is relevant right now, from expanding technology, gadgets, and mobile devices, to pretty much whatever interests us at the moment.

We also try to use this blog as a way to help business owners leverage the Internet and social media more effectively for marketing their products and services, and building their brand.

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The majority of our readers are people interested in social media (Facebook and Twitter), SEO (search optimization), and gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, Droid phones, etc…

SMSEO has an active, and fast growing Facebook Fan Page with over 6500 fans. There are also around 3000 Twitter followers.  I believe in having a genuine “conversation” within Facebook where SMSEO readers can actively engage with the content, and with each other. That’s why all of articles are syndicated, shared, and discussed with thousands of people a day on Facebook.

Of the referring traffic, Google is our #1 referral source, then Facebook, and then Twitter.  All of our content, as I mentioned, is syndicated through both through Facebook and Twitter.

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