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Android Creator Andy Rubin Launches the “Essential” Phone: Specs and Release Date

The creator of Android, Andy Rubin, has designed and developed a new phone, called the “Essential Phone”, which costs about $699, and has some of the most unique and tantalizing features. The Essential Phone has edge-to-edge display, a uniquely designed front facing camera, and a highly thin bezel design. Essential phone is based on the […]

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You Can Now Doodle on Facebook Photos Before Uploading: Here’s How

Photo upload has been one feature which has constantly been updated by Facebook; thanks to the ever growing competition between photo sharing apps and social media platforms. Facebook has always proved to be not-so-late at catching up a feature whenever it seemed like capturing the attention of social media users, even if that meant buying some […]

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Yahoo’s New Livetext App Lets You Do Audio-Free Video Messaging With Style

Yahoo has launched a new messaging app “Livetext”, which has some pretty unique features promising to give your daily chatting experience a new vibe. Livetext superimposes text on videos, but there is no sound involved. So for example, if you are hiking somewhere, you can quickly send the video of yours with a text on […]

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Facebook Announces Save Links for Reading Later Feature for Mobile and Web

Facebook has announced a new feature which would allow you to save links for later read while scrolling your news feed. This feature is called “Save”. Facebook will launch it for Android, iOS and Web. The company acquired a read-it-later startup “Spool” a couple of years ago, and the reason for the deal is now […]

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How to Send Funny GIFs Directly from Imgur in Facebook Messenger in Android, iPhone

Imgur has introduced a new feature in its Android and iOS app using which you can send reaction GIFs from Imgur directly in Facebook Messenger. This really spice up things; you can post funny, interesting GIFs in chats. A GIF can sum up all the reaction and feeling during an online chat. The process is […]

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Instagram Updates is Search and Explore Features

Instagram has announced some new changes to its search and explore features. The Facebook’s owned social media service has added search based on hashtags and trends. You can now search for all the happenings around a trending event by clicking on its hashtags. Instagram has also added a new search feature using which you could […]

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Google Launches Unsend Email Feature in Gmail to Undo a Sent Email

  Google has launched a new feature which will let you unsend a sent mail if you have second thoughts about the mail you just sent. You will have around 5-30 seconds to undo a sent email. This feature is now live for Gmail app in Android, and the search engine giant says that soon […]