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Instagram Updates is Search and Explore Features

Instagram has announced some new changes to its search and explore features. The Facebook’s owned social media service has added search based on hashtags and trends. You can now search for all the happenings around a trending event by clicking on its hashtags. Instagram has also added a new search feature using which you could search for the most famous accounts, posts and trends. You can now just search with easy phrases of your interest like “best ancient places”, “best food items this summer” to search the most famous related content on Instagram.

The updated search feature will also let the users to search the photos of their famous places just about anywhere on the world. If you are planning a vacation to a far off place, you can just type the location’s name in the search field and Instagram will show you its alluring photos. You can also narrow down you search based on people, interest, tags and location.

Instagram’s new search updates are now available in the updated versions of its iOS and Android app.

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