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Google Launches Unsend Email Feature in Gmail to Undo a Sent Email


Google has launched a new feature which will let you unsend a sent mail if you have second thoughts about the mail you just sent. You will have around 5-30 seconds to undo a sent email. This feature is now live for Gmail app in Android, and the search engine giant says that soon it will be available for Gmail web.

The Undo send feature was already there for Google Labs, but it is now available for “Inbox” app of Gmail in Android. You can also turn on this feature by going to the Settings page within Gmail and navigate to the General tab. Here, you will see “Enable Undo Send” option.  You will have the option to choose between different time options under which you could take back the sent email. You have 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds time windows. If you want to use this feature, choosing the maximum time windows, which is 30 seconds in this case, would be the best option.

If you are not seeing this option when you go to settings, don’t worry; Google says that the new unsend email feature will start rolling out within this week for all Android and web users.


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