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Google Launches News Lab and YouTube Newswire for Journalists


Google has announced a new service for journalists for better news curation, content discovery, and reporting. The new service is called “News Lab”. News Lab will help journalists to leverage the Google’s news reporting tools like videos, Google news, maps, the recently announced YouTube Newswire.

Google News Lab is a new tab; a website type page where all the best practices from the top newsrooms around the world are compiled together. Journalists and news enthusiasts can work in a collaborative environment using this tool to increase their grasp on ever-spiraling news world. News Lab offers tools for optimization, data sets, reporting, and conversion. The News Lab page also illustrates various newsroom strategies from some of the top publishers around the world like The Verge, The New York Times, Guardian.

Google is scaling its news authority pretty swiftly in the recent weeks. Last week, it announced YouTube newswire, a service to help people quickly watch the videos posted by eyewitnesses of the major event around the world. YouTube newswire will curate the latest videos posted by eyewitness accounts. This way, journalists could verify and post the breaking news stories along with the videos of the event.

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