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Eminem knocked out by Mike Tyson in the new Godzilla video

Eminem, a 47-year-old God of rep finished lying on the street in his new video “Godzilla”. He was knocked out by Mike Tyson, a famous heavy-weight boxing champion. Namely, Eminem though it is a great idea to have Mike, and add a bit of acting to his new video. Tyson said he enjoyed giving Eminem […]

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Is Small Business Automation the Way to Go?

The market for business automation is growing rapidly every year. In fact, it’s expected to reach $12.7 billion by the year 2021. Although automation may seem like a tool for huge conglomerates, these numbers show that small business automation is growing in importance as well. No matter the size of your company, automation provides many benefits. While […]

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4 Keys to Great Web Design for Small Businesses

Design is one of the most important elements when it comes to leveraging your business’ website’s potential. It goes without saying that a professionally designed site with engaging features will generate more business than an outdated, unengaging one. As a small business owner, your web presence is one of the greatest assets you have in […]

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Downloading Facebook Videos Using Movavi Screen Recorder

If you try to download a video from Facebook, one of the first thing you’ll probably realize is that Facebook doesn’t have a ‘download’ or ‘save’ option. In fact the only way it can be done is by using third party software or online platforms, but these options have limitations and drawbacks of their own. […]

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Effective Business Web Design Tips You Need to Know Asap

A business’ website can make or break them. Check out these business web design tips and tricks and make sure you’re getting the greatest customer reach you can. Are you creating a new or revamped website for your business? Business web design doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging, but there are certain standards you […]

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All the Essentials You Need for an Electronic Press Kit

How to Create an Electronic Press Kit Template If your company deals with the press a lot, creating a reliable press kit template may be extremely helpful. This article has tips for creating e-press kits. If your company deals with the press a lot, you need an easy and convenient way to share information about […]

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Upload Videos from Camera Roll to Snapchat Stories Instead of Using Snapchat Camera

Using Snapchat camera to take videos and send them as Snaps or posting them as stories is cool, but sometimes people want to upload exciting videos from their camera rolls. In this article I will tell you how to upload videos directly from your camera roll to Snapchat stories. You can even send videos from […]