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How to make a mask with Fabric – Complete Guide

Since there is a shortage of medical-grade masks, they are reserved only for health care workers. Therefore, we will show you how to make a mask with things that you can find inside your house. In that light, all Americans were asked to wear masks from basic cloth in order to stop coronavirus spreading. Tools […]

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Upload Videos from Camera Roll to Snapchat Stories Instead of Using Snapchat Camera

Using Snapchat camera to take videos and send them as Snaps or posting them as stories is cool, but sometimes people want to upload exciting videos from their camera rolls. In this article I will tell you how to upload videos directly from your camera roll to Snapchat stories. You can even send videos from […]

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You Can Still Bypass iPhone Passcode Lock – How To fix

Apple rolled out an update just two days ago and there is already another method to bypass the iPhone passcode lock.  Youtube user videosdebarraquito posted a video described as “Sorry, iOS 6.1.3 has a new security flaw, but can be avoided easily. You should disable the “Voice Dial” option if you want to be safe.”  […]

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Mobile App Maker Allows You to Build Applications Quickly – ShoutEm

I stumbled across a really cool mobile app maker which allows you to effortlessly build mobile applications without knowing a lot of code or design techniques.  This application is great for those of us who have tons of mobile application ideas but can’t seem to get over the hurdle of kick-starting them into development because […]

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How To Change Your Gmail Inbox View [VIDEO]

The new Gmail offers users a lot of options for customizing the way you view, interact, and manage your Gmail platform and the thousands – or in some cases 10’s of thousands – of emails that are flooding your inbox. The video below gives you a quick and easy “how to” for changing the view […]