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Barack Obama’s Twitter Account Hacked by Syrians

At first it was thought that Obama’s Twitter account was hacked after a shortened link sent users to a Syrian account, however it was found to be the URL shortened software that was hijacked instead.  By hijacking the URL shortener, they were able to redirect user’s to the link of their choice! Obama campaign group […]


How Emerging Technologies Can Improve Your Business

Balancing technological changes with anticipating future implementations can sometime seem overwhelming, but the return on investment (ROI) is worth it in many cases. For Web site analytics that measure your consumers’ demographics of browsing and purchasing habits online, the average ROI is 117 percent, according to Massachussetts-based research firm International Data Corporation. The following are […]


What will the GTA 5 online launch reveal?

GTA 5 online is filled with an excess of over 500 missions and a good number of leisure activities that will capture a players imagination. It comes with the usual chaos and crimes, sports, races, job opportunities the capability of customization and the opportunity to increase the player’s reputation and earning cash while at it. […]

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8 Types of Content Small Businesses Should Create for Social Media

With an estimated 1.11 billion people using Facebook each month, small businesses simply can’t afford to skimp on a social media strategy. Once you’ve picked which platforms make sense for your company, you have to create and share content. Here’s a list of eight types of content to develop and spread through social media to keep […]

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All new IOS 7 on September 18

Apple has always been the brand setting high standards in the smartphone arena. Whether it be swanky features in its each new ios or startling looks of the iPhone, Apple has been setting the benchmark to compete with. But with Microsoft and Google right on its tail, one can expect the smartphone war to spice […]

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Apply for a job straight from your Smartphone : LinkedIn App

Earlier last month, LinkedIn has announced a couple of updates for its mobile app which would help you in taking advantage of “in-between” events, for example idling for a corporate meeting to begin or perhaps the train to arrive. Among those updates integrated is the capability to hunt for jobs on the move. Beginning Monday, […]

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Asiana Airlines Fake Pilot Names

Asiana Airline Seeks Legal Approach Asiana Airlines which is a South Korean airline seeks redress in court over the listing of fake names by a San Francisco television station. Additionally, the same airline firm said on Sunday that it was planning to conduct highly integrative and well-followed up lawsuits against United States transport authorities for […]