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Ann Coulter’s Twitter Joke Fail Leads to Ridicule

The right-leaning correspondent attempted to take a conservative stand with the help of a hashtag on Twitter. Little did she know she was setting herself up for mockery. Ann Coulter has done quite well for herself as a conservative commentator around the many news networks in this country. But considering her latest social media blunder, […]

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Minimum Wage Hike A Double-Edged Sword

Federal workers under future government contracts will get a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour via executive order, the White House announced hours before President Barack Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the president, like a vast majority of Americans, is fed up with waiting […]

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President’s Barack Obama selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service

Among the trending news of the moment on the internet is the selfie taken by the president Obama at Mandela’s Memorial service, together with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameroon. The photo was posted on the Twitter account of the newspaper New York Post and it […]

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President Obama’s Uncle Finally Gets His Green Card

Fifty years after coming to the United States, the half brother of President Obama’s father was finally granted a permanent resident status. Onyango Obama appeared before Judge Leonard Shapiro for a hearing on whether he could qualify in a federal immigration law that allows immigrants currently living in the United States since before 1972 to […]

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The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts Of All Time, Visualized

Fortunately, our weekend will not go wasted this time around as we all have a very interesting thing to visualize. Owing to popularity of Reddit, the top-scoring posts have been presented as an interactive color-coded chart. You can analyze the posts deeply for your interest and information. If you are a Reddit lover, this is […]

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Barack Obama’s Twitter Account Hacked by Syrians

At first it was thought that Obama’s Twitter account was hacked after a shortened link sent users to a Syrian account, however it was found to be the URL shortened software that was hijacked instead.  By hijacking the URL shortener, they were able to redirect user’s to the link of their choice! Obama campaign group […]

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Obama Singing Al Green (Lets Stay Together) YouTube Video

Obama sang Al Green’s song “Let’s Get Together” at a fundraiser.  The cost of seeing Obama sing Al Green you ask?  Oh, only $2000 a ticket at the apollo theater, where 1400 attended.  The event was one of several Big Apple fundraisers the president attended Thursday while his would-be Republican foes were sparring at a […]