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Obama Singing Al Green (Lets Stay Together) YouTube Video

obama singing al green lets get togetherObama sang Al Green’s song “Let’s Get Together” at a fundraiser.  The cost of seeing Obama sing Al Green you ask?  Oh, only $2000 a ticket at the apollo theater, where 1400 attended.  The event was one of several Big Apple fundraisers the president attended Thursday while his would-be Republican foes were sparring at a debate in South Carolina. Others had price tags of $5,000, $15,000 or even $35,800. But some supporters got to hear the presidential pipes for as little as $100.

“I told you I was going to do it!”  Obama shouted to someone just offstage. “The Sandman did not come out!”

“Don’t worry, Rev. I cannot sing like you,” he joked. “I just wanted to show my appreciation.”

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