Minimum Wage Hike A Double-Edged Sword

Federal workers under future government contracts will get a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour via executive order, the White House announced hours before President Barack Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address. White House Press Secretary Jay … Continued

President Obama’s Uncle Finally Gets His Green Card

Fifty years after coming to the United States, the half brother of President Obama’s father was finally granted a permanent resident status. Onyango Obama appeared before Judge Leonard Shapiro for a hearing on whether he could qualify in a federal … Continued

Barack Obama Will Be Tweeting His Own Tweets

This upcoming election season is going to  heavily engaged with social media – Twitter and Facebook leading the charge. But in a recent news release from President Barack Obama’s reelection staff, the President will actually be writing his own updates … Continued

Is the Government Budget Crisis Bad For Obama?

For President Barack Obama, his Presidency was all about “Change”!  Change that needed to come to Washington, “Change” that was going turn around the unemployment rate, and “Change” that was, once and for all, end the politics that plagues our … Continued