President Obama’s Uncle Finally Gets His Green Card

Fifty years after coming to the United States, the half brother of President Obama’s father was finally granted a permanent resident status. Onyango Obama appeared before Judge Leonard Shapiro for a hearing on whether he could qualify in a federal … Continued

Barack Obama Will Be Tweeting His Own Tweets

This upcoming election season is going to ┬áheavily engaged with social media – Twitter and Facebook leading the charge. But in a recent news release from President Barack Obama’s reelection staff, the President will actually be writing his own updates … Continued

Is the Government Budget Crisis Bad For Obama?

For President Barack Obama, his Presidency was all about “Change”! ┬áChange that needed to come to Washington, “Change” that was going turn around the unemployment rate, and “Change” that was, once and for all, end the politics that plagues our … Continued