Mark Zuckerberg’s Statement on PRISM

United States citizens have been suspicious of many governmental agencies and they access to personal information. Many individuals place the blame directly in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook. Sources claim that Facebook is one … Continued

4 Non-Profits Making a Splash in Social Media

Non-profit organizations that use social media well have much greater chances of raising money and impacting public opinion. These four non-profits have shown that they can make a bigger impact on the world by getting creative with social media tools. … Continued

The Way Jail Should Be – Tent City Jail

The Way Jail Should Be

For those not familiar with Joe Arpio, he is the County Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He keeps getting re-elected over and over again. These are some of the reasons why: Sheriff Joe Arpaio created the “tent city jail” to … Continued

Strip Club Offers $16k to Lindsay Lohan

A strip club offered to pay Lindsay Lohan $16k to help with her debts and owed taxes. All Lohan has to do, according to the strip club, is host ‘chats’ with clients. Not strip. Not dance. Just chat. That doesn’t … Continued