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Paula Deen Walmart Trouble

Walmart is just one of the last sponsors to drop celebrity chef Paula Deen over racially insensitive remarks. On Wednesday, despite tearful denials from Deen that she is not a racist, she was dropped by the carrier. Deen’s empire includes cookbooks, restaurants and food supplies. Most people who have watched the news over the past […]

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Miley Cyrus refuses to respond to Amanda Bynes Twitter rant

Amanda Bynes tried to get some publicity for herself when she tweeted a photo of Miley Cyrus with the words, “U r ugly”. This happened when the Hannah Montana star was trending on the social networking and micro-blogging site Twitter. Social media experts feel that it was just a ploy on Amanda Bynes part, to […]

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4 Non-Profits Making a Splash in Social Media

Non-profit organizations that use social media well have much greater chances of raising money and impacting public opinion. These four non-profits have shown that they can make a bigger impact on the world by getting creative with social media tools. Stand Up to Cancer’s Steaming Video Image via Look to the Stars Stand Up to […]

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Mitt Romney Cha Cha Slide Tweet – BU Student Goes Viral

Patrick Curran from Boston University posted a tweet that went viral during the presidential foreign policy debate.  We’ll call his tweet, the “Cha Cha Romney Slide”.  Anyway, he had around 124 retweets and tweeted he had become a celebrity.  A little while later he had 15,000 tweets and said, “I think I just became famous”. […]


Top 10 Articles This Week on SMSEO That Will Probably Shock You

Sometimes the articles here at SMSEO that get a log of traffic make me laugh. Articles and topics that I never thought would gain too much traffic could end up gaining massive popularity with literally thousands of visitors a week visiting them. Articles ranging from Justin Bieber to Apple’s iPhone 5 gain massive momentum sometimes, […]


The iPad Might Just Save The Newspaper Industry

We all know that print media is hemorrhaging readers and subscribers – faster than they know what to do with. Not only readers and subscribers though – advertisers have been shifting their ad dollars online… you know, where all the traffic is! But there might be a knight in shining armor that is on the way to […]


Malinda Sapp, Wife of Pastor Marvin Sapp, Dies of Colon Cancer

The wife of gospel Pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp, Malinda Sapp, has died today of colon cancer. The world is mourning this loss of such a young, beautiful woman who leaves behind Marvin Sapp and 3 children – Marvin Jr., 16, Mikaila, 13, and Madison, 11. Marvin Sapp and his wife Malinda were married […]