Top 10 Articles This Week on SMSEO That Will Probably Shock You

top 10 articles smseoSometimes the articles here at SMSEO that get a log of traffic make me laugh.

Articles and topics that I never thought would gain too much traffic could end up gaining massive popularity with literally thousands of visitors a week visiting them.

Articles ranging from Justin Bieber to Apple’s iPhone 5 gain massive momentum sometimes, and it’s always humorous to me, mainly because of how different the topics are in nature.

Below is a list of the top 10 articles here at SMSEO, and some of these articles that have made it to the top 10 might just surprise you:

#10 – login problems  (view article here) is one of the world’s most popular dating websites where it free for people to join and for people to add a profile.  However, it doesn’t always want to work for some people.  So when someone goes to login and the doesn’t work, people search for “ login problems”.  This one simple search phrase brings this article in at #10.

#9 – (view here)

Then 9th most popular article here at SMSEO this week is none other than the homepage of my blog.  Now why exactly, I’m not sure.  But a wide range of keyword phrases bring in quite a bit of traffic – which is interesting in itself.

#8 – 2 Ways to Remove Scroll Bars From Your Facebook Page iFrame Apps (view here)

This is a great article because it shows developers how to remove that pesky little scroll bar from Facebook Fan Page iFrame apps.  It’s simple really, in most cases, and people are relieved to find a simple solution to the problem.

#7 – Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (view here)

This is a “celebrity gossip” article – of which, I don’t really write too much of.  But ocassionally, for some unknown reason, I will write a gossip column.  This was a rumor that Justin Bieber actually kissed a boy.  I knew the rumor was ridiculous, but I went ahead and wrote the article anyway.  Lot’s of people are now searching for information on this, and the article comes up quite frequently.

#6 – My iPhone Won’t Charge (view here)

Coming in at #7 is a fix for an iPhone issue.  Sometimes when you plug your iPhone in via the USB charger, it simply doesn’t charge.  In the case of what motivated me to write this particular article, when I plugged my phone in, the charge symbol appeared for a second and then disappeared.  The “how to” article shows people how to resolve this issue and get their iPhone back up and running again.

#5 – How To Setup Facebook – Skype Video Calling (view here)

At the beginning of this month, Facebook made a huge partnership with Skype to bring users video chat and video conference calling through the Facebook chat interface.  Instantly, people wanted to know how to setup the Facebook – Skype video chat feature.  And that curiosity allowed this article to land at #5.

#4 – Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery – Before & After Pics (view here)

Another celebrity gossip column… I told you, I can’t help myself sometimes.  But this one is about Amanda Bynes and her alleged plastic surgery.  So I found some “before and after” pics to share with everyone.  Now, a lot of people come to the article to see exactly what she looked like before and after the surgery.

#3 – Apple iPhone 5 tag (view here)

Apple is getting ready to release their next generation iPhone called iPhone 5 sometime in September.  The Apple iPhone 5 tag here at SMSEO is a collection of articles about the iPhone 5.  This tag gets a lot of traffic because people are wondering about the iPhone 5.  For example, when will it be released, what will the spec be, etc…

#2 – Justin Bieber Pictures & Images (view here)

And yes… here is another celebrity article.  Man, with how popular these celebrity articles are, you’d think I would write more of them.  Anyway, this is a collection of images and pictures of Justin Bieber.  And as it is in the world today, some people just can’t get enough of ol’ Bieber.

#1:  How to Find Your Facebook ID (view here)

Drum roll please….. the #1 most popular article at SMSEO this week is a “how to” on finding your Facebook ID.

A simple “how to” on how to go about finding the official ID of your Facebook page.  Lots of people are interested in this for various reasons.  Some need the Facebook ID for app development, and some just out of pure curiosity.  Regardless, this article gets lots of traffic and comes in at number 10.

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