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Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)

justin bieber kissing a boyJustin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)

There are rumors popping up on the web and spreading like wild fire that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy! That’s right, you heard me… rumors are that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy.

A couple of bizarre twists to this story that makes me think they are nothing but rumors, or completely blown out of proportion story lines:

1) There are no images or pictures of Justin Bieber kissing a boy. With the insane amount of pictures and images of Justin Bieber on the web, then surely there would be a picture or image of Justin Bieber kissing a boy.

2) Why isn’t Justin Bieber’s name trending on Twitter right now? If this story was something more than fabricated rumors, then wouldn’t you think that “Justin Bieber” would certainly be a trending story on Twitter? I would think so.

So anyway, I’m calling “fabricated rumor” on this one, unless someone can produce more solid evidence.

What do you think?

Do you think / know that Justin Bieber did in fact kiss a boy?

**UPDATE*** I just uploaded the Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian beach photoshoot

240 replies on “Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)”

wat y would justin bieber kiss a bot he is too hott to be kissing boys and if he really did kiss a boy i would so not like him anymore even though he is so hott

Well that's wrong then. You're not a real fan if you would change your mind about him just because he kissed a boy. A fan is someone who loves a celebrity or star for what they do. Not just because "He's so hot" or "She's so hot".

justin beiber did not kiss a boy its just a rumor by the way there shold b a picture of him kissin a boy u guys r just stupid really y would he kiss a boy he is lik zo hotttt
u guys r just stupid who started that rumor

jjustin beiber is not g*y who ever started that rumor r zo g*y n stupid i mean y would u rite that mayb u guys r just jealous u guys r stupid justin beiber means alot 2 m i zo bak off

hello justin bieber!!!!!…….
your so amazing in your songs!!!!!
i want you to know that my room is full of your posters and pictures.
i have so many friends that you are the favorite artist….
they always say that ''i love justin bieber!!!!!!!!"

i love you justin!!!!!! will you marry me ??? plllzzz i will follow you until i die… im looking in your window every night byye

if u look in his window every night (which i dont believe) than ur a stocker and thats really creepy cuz y wuld he want to daate a stocker? but wateva me and jb willl be together at some point in life. =)

i am so tired of gurls that r obbsesed with justin bieber u ppl dont even no em….. though i cant say much about obbsesed because im obbsesed with robert pattinson…….i pearsonaly think that jb is a good singer and he is cute……GO TEAM EDWARD!!! =)-

justin bieber dont listen to these bxxxxes that call you g*y dey g*y baby you straight as hxxx keep doing your thing babe your cute and you will have a GIRLFRIEND

Yes that is a stupid piece of crap that lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really kissed a guy!! he is g*y.

hi!justin bieber, i am your bigest fan..
i’m from malaysia..
i heard you will come to malaysia ian this june??
is it true??
i hope to see you here..
in my room full of you poster, you know,,,

hi your a BIG role modle of mine . all my friends say you suck but i just say thier hobknockers, they do get affended butt i just say KISS MY BUTT . any way EVERYONE who says your g*y are hobeos. i do wish to meet you one day in my life. i am 10 you are only 6 years older than me. somone said at school that they started a justin bieber is g*y club after he said that i got soo affended i yelled at him so loud i almost got suspended from school i always wonder what you think about the people who say your g*y i looked in a magazine and it siad your realy name is Allexander …………………. after i read that i thought you were a big liar but then again they could be lieing…..LOL

omg…he did not kiss a boy if he did there should be a pic of it u stupid liers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who care about his s*xuality?There is no proof of him kissing a guy, but even if he did it shouldn't matter.You should like him for his talent and who he is on the inside, not his s*xuality.I think no matter his s*xuality, religion or anything else he is a talented guy.

If you’re going to call people innapropriate and ignorant names at least spell it right you trailer trash punk. It’s “FaggOt… with an O… you know the shape your moms lips make on my dick. GOD I hate ignorant children.@none

i think you are the hottest guy ever on planet earth and u are so not g*y .who ever said that.i think you are cool . please read this . i love you.

Hey why did you kiss a boy i loved you ever night i dreamed of you of me and yo were married i just cant believe you broke me into tears not only me but all my friends and everybody i know i just cant beleive you did that



justin bieber is soooo NOT g*y yhuz must be really imature if yhu think he is get over it gueys

he is so gorguezzzz and a great singer i lov his lyrics there so nice and i wish i could meet him me and all my friends just lov him and talk about him 24/7 he is such a Hottie

i lov yhu justin (cutestuf)

Nobody knows if JB is g*y or not but he is still a human with fillings.He should be treated equaly Would you like it if somebody treated you bad. I diden't think so.

i love u soo much.. i am a layed back girl i dont exspect much i just want a guy whoo will treatt me right.. i love u(:

i still love u even though u kissed a boy it doesent make u g*y. p.s i think u are cute and i love your hair and music.xxxx

i dont care if he is g*y one of my friends is but i dont go around sayin 2 her ewwwwwwwww get away i never talk 2 g*y people So if i ever get 2 meeet him i dont care if he spends his nights layin in bed with guys

i really dont think he kissed a guy because i just looked on and it said its just a rumor and he did not kiss a guy

and im not g*y either

people REALLY need to get ova this rumor even if it is true im still a huge fan and so r all of my BFFs so just get ova it ppl!!!! most of u guys r probably g*y and r just mad cuz ur not good enough for him! and i would luv him even if he wuz g*y i culd watch him kisss a guy then kiss me and i wouldnt care! bcuz i know ppl that r g*y and i dont walk around school bein lyk ew ur g*y get away from mee!!!!! i dont DO that! and u shuldnt either u shuld mak sur that he is g*y b4 u go spreding rumors that spread lyk wildfire or is that wut ur actually trying to do?! bcuz i KNOW that if u or i wuz famous we wouldnt want ppl tellingg each othr lies but this is EXACTLY why u will nevr be famous and im not just sticking up for him bcuzz i luv him im sticking up for him bcuz i KNOW him!!!!!


When people say he's g*y, it's an insult to everyone who actually is g*y. I sympathize for them. Seriously, just say he's stupid. Or get a bigger vocabulary.
By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about justin bieber: .

justin dont listen to people that make up nasty rumors about you mean. i love you so much you seem so sweet its been my lifes dream to meet you and i mean that. you are the cutest boy i have ever seen!

OMG i date justin beiber on the internet and he is kissing a boy how could he i loved him he is way to hot it must be made up

oooooommmmmmmmmmggggggggggg i cant belevie you were on ellen the other day i wanted to come and see u but we didnt have tickets i love you bye

pepole of earth if you do not leave justin alone i willhunt u down then i will twist your boobs or nipple so hard it will pop off like a bottle cap bye

hey its one of your fans i love u baby i have 7 posters of u i bout your book i love u my farand named yasmine loves you and she ad mires u like i doo lol bab <3 I <3U 8 GRADE ILOVE U I ADMIRE U BY FROMME JUSTIN BEIBER FAN LOL BABY <3 I LOVE U

u guys need to shut your mouth about justin he is not g*y and if he happens to be so what you need to show respect.

thats right show some respect because he is his own self!!!!sooooooooooooo get over it ur just meannnnn!!!!!

justin bieber is not g*y :-/ , who ever started this rumor is nasty and v.mean :(

i'm you're biggest fan i'll follow you until you love me :) <333

hi justin i luv u so much i wish i could like be with u and like im crazy about u all theese other girls r like weird and cussin and sayin that ur g*y and mean stuff like i would be real with u if ur famouse r not u r soooooo cute like i love taylor lautner but out of u two i would pick u i dnt really care wat people say about u ur really cute and i dnt care!!!lol will u marry me!!!!!!plz if u have a yahoo please tlk to me at!!!!!

………………(*~*)…………………….Justin Bieber is not a g*y!he’s so cute to the one who says justi bieber is g*y so what?you’re just “JEALOUS”………………….(*~*)

you are a lier he is not g*y he is dating miley cyrus lol i should know because im miley cyrus as in hannah montanah

hey ur music rocks but i dont thing ur hot i like u but dont love u cuz i dont know u i only know u as a singer so huh later

every one why u fighting over him his gust an ordinary boy gust like ur brother or brothers the only diff is he sings thats alll bw i think it doesnt work k

Sure. He is so fag… And everyone who oves him is.. really crazy! Well everyone knowes he is so awefull!!

i love u justin and i hugged u before and i just think your adorable!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!

justin bieber is wierd well everyone is so don't take it personal flipin 'haters and i kinda like him welll…………………………………………………… ya love u justin :p

if y kiss a boy i love eney way will y marry me plz if y do i do nothing for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


plz answer me justin just tell me some thing i realiy love y and never seprate youre girl friend hannah hoobakht

if y kiss a boy idont care i love y so much i know every one told that to y so i dont have any word to tell y and i know youre bord like ilove every one told y so im sorry idont have new word to told y kkiiiissss kkkkiiisss

hello justin bieber im kannah u know im ur number one fan i want u to be my friend in facebook and twitter goshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so hansome and tooo hotttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUSTIN bieber I’ll send u my number sooner or later by the way
I’m sending u a x mas card and a love card soon
And your not g*y right? Anyways bye bye
Love you from Neo!!!!!!

omg y dose every one think u cuit u sand like a girl and ur g*y u said it ur self u fag and ya im a girl and dont like u at all u fag i have a brother that will date u



Have your girls never thought of the g*y fan base :(? I wish he were g*y but not because I hate him or his music :) ) Still love him. STEP AWAY GURLS, HE’S OURS!

I can’t believe someone would start a rumor about this. Why would Justin kiss a boy?? Even if people don’t like him, they shouldn’t do this! They wouldn’t want it to be spread about them. Anyways, all I’m sayin is that the people who spread it are nothing, but jealous..

u r so right about that girl because he is so not g*y and who ever said r just but jealous so i not goin 2 listen 2 them about what they say about him at least hes better looking than them anyways they r just jealous so dont listen 2 them ok heather there the ones who r so stupid i cant belive any 1 would say that about him and they r so wrong about him ……..

hey shut up u r just jealus okk hes not g*y u r so shut up and never comment on here again love u jb my facebook is raelyn acevedo add me <3333333

i like you justin bieber bye hotttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lovvvvveeeeeee myiesha i like him he doesnt like you bye justin
your my

if you dont like justin bieber than you dont have to talk about him. that showa plan jealousy when you talk about someone. if he was g*y he wouldnt have had girlfriends. so the people that are talking about him just need to stop your just jealous that your not as cute as him or because your not famous like justin bieber is.

that’s impossible Justin Bieber can’t do that haters stop spreading rumours about this cute,s*xy young guy .

jasie if u want me to chup u off then i really can………………………so dont try all that……………………..and st u are right not just a kiss……………………

justin bieber IS NOT g*y i know he is not and i would love is he would be my friend and if u can read this i sing dance and i love to write songs and im also not a crazy fan but i am a hug facn but if i see u or eny thing i will not go crazy so plz beleave me and be my friend

i am with you on that one heather. they are just jealous because he cute and famous and they not .what they need to do is put theyself on youtube and make up there on song and sing it in front of 50,000 people or more all i saying is that they need to mind there on business and leave him alone.

dont say that and i dare you i double dog dare you to callme g*y i will knock your teeth done your thorw and make you swallow them so play with me if you want to so if you gona play with me i gona play right alone with you.

Even if he kissed a boy, who gives a shit. It’s not the end of the world. Oh my God, we’re all gonna die because Justin kissed a boy. God people, get a damn life.

WRONG!!!!!!!!! I like his music all tough he sings like a girl. Have you not seen pictures of him kissing a boy on other websites! :o i like him a little bit not that much but its true!!!!!

wow like i hate boys for thinking that like how is he it is so wrong like i need proofe for me too think justin is g*y i thyink justin is hot he is on fire!

like girls that think it is true like wow who cares and yah now everything on utube is not that true like give me a brake u are just jelouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you now what i think yah wrong u now i can’t belive you! YOU BELIVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE DON’T YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Justin Bieber did not kiss any guy because he’s not g*y, and … He likes girls. And who says that he is g*y is because they are envious because he has many girls like him …

I love you Justin Bieber. You are very beautiful and s*xy. I Love you.

i thnk justin aint g*y cuz i dont like well…….hes ok but he aint all dat i mean hes cute and i LOVE his music ps yal all hataz punks sissy u all are lame stupids

wow………i aint even got anything to say bout dis any wayz he aint g*y and yall just leave him alone!!!!!!<333333

i think Justin Bieber is did not kiss a boy and he is not guy too because he likes girl.I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER.

r u serious i mean i have never heard of justin bieber kissin a boy it is probably NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok all u fan girls just shut up and all u hters shut up do any of u actually sit and tlk with him ad who cares if he is strate or g*y he makes more money thn u! and has gotten alot farther in life so shutup

heyyyyy you never knw!!!!!! okay what if he likes girls and boys! and plus if you ask him,he mite lie 2 his own fan in the face!!!!!!! i use 2 be justin bieber fan,but now im not any more!! if yall think its a mirror well thats yall than. when yall hear the turth your going 2 get hurt!!! if your black or brown guess what you never see a picture of him kiss or date a brown/black girl only white…….. im just sayin!!!!! just 2 let you knw im not them ppl who hates white ppl!!!! i love everyone in each way

justin is a faggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha?!!!………i love justin beiber….when is ee this picture of justin beiber.i feel gross….so….i dont like justin beiber right now!! i will not hear he’s music and images!!!!

Justin is a sweet teenage boy and if he liked boys don’t you think that he would not have been dating girls??????? I think it is a total rumor!!!!

justin i like you i whish we where chating so i can give you my number im 14 i havve blue eyes blodsh brown and i am funny im not afrid to goof of i dont care what people think of me


well for everybody’s info. my justin is not g*y, he’s not bi, he’s not kissing that boy! Justin is just the best thing that ever came in my life!

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