Google Me The Movie – Official Movie Trailer (Video)

google me the movieGoogle Me The Movie – Official Movie Trailer (Video)

Well, we have a movie coming out about Facebook, so why not launch a movie about Google as well?

The movie Google Me is about the phenomena of search, and in this movie’s case, the power of searching for a name and the remarkable information that can be uncovered.

Google Me is a documentary by Jim Killeen, starring 7 guys named Jim Killeen.

“It all started when I Googled my name,” said Killeen of his movie. And who in today’s day and age hasn’t engaged in just such an activity in a moment of idle “webbing.”

The difference here that the filmmaker actually followed up on his findings by not only contacting his namesakes but also traveling to whatever remote location called for to meet and interview the subjects of his search.

And from there, Jim Killeen started down an adventure of reaching out and contacting everyone he could find via Google who shared the same exact name.

You can read more about the movie Google Me at their website > .  At the website, you’ll be able to access the movie through a lot of different channels such as Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix.

Here’s the official Google Me trailer:

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