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5 SEO Hacks That Will Help Grow Your Business

Looking to grow your business? If so, you need to know about these SEO hacks, click here for more info! With the average small business now paying around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, lots of companies are looking for hacks bring this number down. Even if you’re seeing a good ROI for what you […]

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New Study Shows Anti-Aging Is No Longer A Myth

Why Anti-aging Is Not a Myth Anymore Whether it’s a mischievous boy who can fly and will never grow old, a telepathic vampire who falls in love with a young woman, or an elderly man who ages in reverse – there’s no denying that Americans are obsessed with finding the cure for old age. Tales […]

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Google Giving $6 Credit to Chromecast Users as a Valentine’s Day Gift

  If you are a US-based Google Chromecast user, we have good news for you. Several sources have reported that Google is offering a $6 Play Store credit to all the Chromecast users residing in U.S on Valentine’s Day. Chromecast is simply a replacement for your HDMI cable. The added benefit is you can purchase […]

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Technological Marvels That Have Defined Contemporary Medical Success

Modern technological marvels have changed the world. They have changed the way we live, eat, communicate and what not. And the medical world is not untouched by these techs. The technologies that we once used to see in science fiction movies, the ones that seemed to be impossible, are starting to emerge in the real […]

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Netflix Hack Day Helps With Improvements

As most everyone knows, Netflix is the quality provider of quality videos for individuals who choose to view movies at home. One of the newest events is Netflix Hack day. This is an event that happens every couple of months where Netflix product developers and technical teams play around with the inner workings of Netflix […]

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Exorcism Deaths? Mother Stabbed 2 Kids During Exorcism Attempt

We all thought exorcism and witchcraft was something in the movies or that happened a long time ago, like the Lizzie Borden case.  Unfortunately someone attempted exorcism on their children and the result was the death of two children.  Two women have been charged with murder Friday, Monifa Denise Sanford and Zakieya Latrice. Two women […]


#HowIMetYourRacism (‘How I Met Your Mother’) Asian kung fu controversy

How I Met Your Racism? The creators of  “How I Met Your Mother” have apologized after they were accused of causing offense by including a “silly and unabashedly immature” homage to kung fu movies in the show. During an episode that aired on Monday, Jason Segel’s character travels to China to train with three masters […]