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Bubonic plague cases spotted in China – What’s to come?

Local health authorities in China’s Inner Mongolia region announced a suspected positive case of bubonic plague Sunday. Case of Bubonic Plague in China China’s Global Times reported that health officials in Bayannur said a farmer as sickened and hospitalized but is in a stable condition. The city also raised its alert level for bubonic plague […]

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China Coronavirus Updates – How many people died there?

As all of us are witnessing the ferocious spread of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in the U.S. And, it seems that the situation with China Coronavirus is cooling down. However, many are wondering if the worst has truly passed and what if China is manipulating the numbers. China Coronavirus situation is stabilizing on paper For […]

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OnePlus Official ROM OxygenOS Now Available For Download

OnePlus, the famous company which launched the beautiful OnePlus One phone has finally launched its own mobile operating system ROM OxygenOS to compete Google’s native Android. OxygenOS is another flavor of Android, with more beautiful customized and essentially useful features. OnePlus was promising a new Android based OS for months. Two deadlines passed but the […]

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GitHub Attacked By Government-Backed Chinese Hackers, Sources Claim

GitHub, the largest online code repository used by millions around the world has reported that it is still facing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and the website is on ‘high alert’. Last week, GitHub went down after massive hacking attacks were launched on the largest coding repo. GitHub accepted that the recent attack is […]

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Lethal malware infecting external hard drives of Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate for 20 Years

Kaspersky, the famous security company has claimed that a group called ‘Equation’ has been infecting external hard drives with a firmware resident malware for no less than 20 years. This malware is so lethal that it can never be detected nor destroyed. Perhaps the only way to get rid of this malware is to physically […]

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Xiaomi Lands in the US: Should Apple Be Worried ?

Perhaps the most anticipated tech news of year 2015 has just broke out: Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant which has outpaced Samsung in China and Asia has announced that it is coming to the US. The bells have finally rung for Apple, Xiaomi’s biggest potential competitor. However, Xiaomi made it clear that the company will […]

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China Cracks Down Against Fake and Anonymous Social Media Users

The Chinese government has decide to wipe-off anonymous and fake social media accounts to revamp its security in the country. According to reports, China has ordered its citizens that users of local and international social media services will have to give their real names and identification data in order to be eligible to use the […]