Android Technology

Samsung’s Game Recorder + App Lets you Record Screen While Playing any Game on Android Phone

Samsung has launched a great new app that will be useful and nifty for millions of Android users. Samsung’s new Game Recorder + app lets you record your screen while playing any game. So next time you make new records on Candy Crush, you won’t need to make empty claims as you will have a […]

Business Technology

Samsung Beats Apple and Regains Top Smartphone Seller Position

Samsung has regained its position as the top smartphone seller in the world. Samsung crossed Apple in the first quarter this year with a huge margin. A report from IDC said that Samsung sold around 82.4 million smartphones in the first three months of 2015, which makes around 25% market share. Samsung’s victory is because […]

iPhone Technology

Samsung Galaxy S6 Also Bends at the Same Pressure as iPhone 6 Plus

Everyone remembers the #Bendgate rant, right? The social media trial of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus when a number of users reported that their iPhone 6 Plus phones are bending in their pockets. Apple suffered a lot of humiliation and people said that the company is not making the strong hardware. Do you know which company […]

Business iPhone Technology

Apple beats Samsung in Phone Sales and Revenue With Clear Margins

Apple has finally crossed Samsung in the long, grueling race which is continuing since years. In Q4 2014, Apple sold 74.8 million smartphones whereas Samsung sold around 73 million smartphones. Apple also reported the biggest ever profit in a quarter ever: $18 billion. Apple is continuing to take the market by storm. The company has […]

Android Mobile Technology

Google Working on NFC, Biometric Payment Method ‘Android Pay’

Google has announced that it is working on a new mobile payment system ‘Android Pay’ which will help the developers and companies to build different secure payment methods. Speaking in the Mobile World Congress, Google’s Product chief, Sundar Pichai said that Android Pay will not be a device or an ecosystem, it will be an […]

Business News Technology

Apple Watch To Be Launched on March 9 in San Francisco [Confirmed]

Apple has invited the media to a mega event on Match 9 in San Francisco. It is almost confirmed that Apple Watch will be revealed in this event. The Verge reported that the local media has received invites from Apple that an event is going to take place on March 9. The details of these […]

Security Technology

Lethal malware infecting external hard drives of Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate for 20 Years

Kaspersky, the famous security company has claimed that a group called ‘Equation’ has been infecting external hard drives with a firmware resident malware for no less than 20 years. This malware is so lethal that it can never be detected nor destroyed. Perhaps the only way to get rid of this malware is to physically […]