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Samsung Galaxy S6 Also Bends at the Same Pressure as iPhone 6 Plus

Everyone remembers the #Bendgate rant, right? The social media trial of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus when a number of users reported that their iPhone 6 Plus phones are bending in their pockets. Apple suffered a lot of humiliation and people said that the company is not making the strong hardware. Do you know which company was at the frontline in trolling Apple? Samsung. But a new experiment has proved that Samsung’s new phone Galaxy S6 also bends at the same pressure as iPhone 6 does.

SquareTrade, an electronics insurance company published a video that went viral. Apple fans took this video as a treat because they finally got a chance to prove their point which they were making since months. Samsung, Apple and HTC’s latest phones were put to a pressure test by SquareTrade. The results depict that all the new phones from the famous companies bend and break at the same pressure (110 lbs).

When Bendgate scandal was trending in the social media and people were taking Apple for a ride, the Cupertino company insisted that no phone could bear the massive pressures and there is nothing wrong with the design of iPhone 6 Plus. But no heed was paid. But the new video will certainly make Samsung and HTC fans think.

Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Bending Video Here

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