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Facebook Testing WhatsApp Integration in its Mobile Apps

Facebook is reportedly testing a WhatsApp integration in its Facebook app for Android. Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the most famous messaging app used by millions of users worldwide over a year ago. The social media juggernaut wants to create an ecosystem and platform of all its apps. It has Instagram and Facebook Messenger under its belt which can dwarf any other app in the world. When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, it was expected that the company will integrate it, and now it’s happening.

WhatsApp integration with Facebook will be a dream come true for the social media fans. You could also be able to send Facebook videos to your WhatsApp contacts, a feature wanted by billions of users around the world now.

Many news sources reported that a number of Facebook app for Android users spotted a ‘Send’ button with a WhatsApp sign in it. The button was placed on the right side of the images/video and other shareable content. The option was later removed, but that is the sign that the testing is in progress and WhatsApp integration in Facebook would be revealed pretty soon.

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