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Facebook To Launch a New ‘Trends’ Section

Facebook is spotted testing a ‘trending’ section which would allow you to quickly sift through the important happenings going around the world. AdWeek first spotted the social media giant testing a trending section. Later, Facebook confirmed that it is testing a new feature will allow its users to have a quick look on everything trending around the web. Facebook currently shows the trending tab with posts which have hash tags related to the topics which are hot on the social media platform. Twitter currently has a ‘while you were away’ section and trends are also its trademark feature. Facebook is apparently copying the same feature in its own platform.

Facebook is increasingly trying to become the content juggernaut. It is threatening Google and Twitter with its plans to host content directly on its platform, which would mean that you will be seeing content in your Facebook news feeds rather that clicking the links to read.

Facebook denied to comment on the questions about the exact launch date of its Trending feature.

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