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Apple Watch Crushes Android Smartwatch on Its First Day

Apple Watch has crushed Android Wear sales with huge margins. On the very first day, Apple Watch got 1 million orders, which are more than the Android Watch order recorded in a complete year. More users are going for the cheapest version of Apple Watch. Around 957,000 placed the order for an Apple Watch on Friday.

According to a report from the USA Today, around 62% of the total Apple Watch orders are for the low-priced Sports version of the Apple Watch. It is also startling to note that more people opted for two versions of Apple Watch.

It can be easily said that Apple Watch is going to break all the records. In just one day, the orders have touched 1 million, and we can safely assume that these orders will increase in the coming days.

Unlike iPhones, Apple Watches will not be available from the Apple Stores. Users are pre-ordering the gears and they will get it after a month. Apple has not officially released the data regarding its Apple Watch sales.


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