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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rushed to Hospital for Emergency Heart Surgery

According to TMZ, Arnold Schwarzenegger was rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. Sources connected to Arnold tell TMZ, the 70-year-old Schwarzenegger went to Cedars-Sinai Thursday for a catheter valve replacement. We’re told the surgery is somewhat experimental and he developed complications. Doctors were prepared in case the catheter valve replacement failed … and […]

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The Tesla Roadster Debuting in 2019 Will Be One of the Quickest Cars in the World

According to Elon Musk’s subtle hints, the next Tesla all-electric convertible will be even quicker than the Model S. “There is of course one speed faster than Ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next-generation Roadster: maximum plaid,” Tesla mentioned in a press release. The Model S, is currently their fastest model, bursting to 60 […]

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Mount Paran Christian School hosts Fellowship of Christian Athletes ‘Fields of Faith’

When is a football field not a football field? When it becomes a house of worship. Such was the case Wednesday, October 12 on the William A. Cooper Memorial Field of Mount Paran Christian School (MPCS). Middle and high school students from across Cobb County, joined with students from MPCS for a Fellowship of Christian […]

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Calendar Marketing – Boost Your Marketing Results

Almost every digital platform has been utilized for marketing purposes, and some even to the point of exhaustion. But the one thing on every smartphone, tablet and computer that has largely stayed untouched in terms of marketing, is the calendar. Your calendar is not simply a tool to remind you of events and special celebrations; […]

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Apple Watch Crushes Android Smartwatch on Its First Day

Apple Watch has crushed Android Wear sales with huge margins. On the very first day, Apple Watch got 1 million orders, which are more than the Android Watch order recorded in a complete year. More users are going for the cheapest version of Apple Watch. Around 957,000 placed the order for an Apple Watch on […]

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Enormous Grouper Eats 4-foot Shark Off Fisherman’s Hook

A man fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast hooked a 4-foot shark. But, before the fisherman could reel in his catch, a huge fish called a Goliath grouper, swam up and ate the black tip shark in a single bite. The exciting incident was caught on video and, within a matter […]

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Donald Sterling Defending Himself from the racist comments

Monday night this week was the time Donald Sterling, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers, broke his silence on the comments he made criticizing Magic Johnson. The interview at his home looked like a quick response to another leaked tape where Sterling explains that the racist comments he made were meant to entice his girlfriend […]