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Fortnite event – Everything you need to know

The current season of Fortnite event is finally coming to an end, after numerous delays.

Fortnite event

Chapter 2, Season 2 is going to go out on what we can only expect to be a big bang. Furthermore, the season-ending Doomsday Fortnite event will go live later today.

Compared to other seasons, Epic Games has not really added much in terms of new weapons or game modes to keep things fresh.

The spy theme has gone a long way to making the overall season enjoyable. However, the map left a lot to be desired.

If previous season-ending events are anything to go by, it is going to be impressive.

Before Fortnite did it more recently to great effect, it was something seldom seen in games

As expected with a Fortnite event called ‘Doomsday’, we can safely assume this is how Epic Games is choosing to end the current Season of Fortnite and make way for the next one.

We can probably expect some sort of explosion which will drastically change the map, with some people thinking the next map will be heavily flooded.

Time and place

The Device live Fortnite event will only be happening today in-game at 7pm BST on June 15.

To ensure you do not miss the event, which will draw the current season to a close, you should try and log in around 6pm. Or listen to Epic Games’ advice, half an hour before the event starts.

Nevertheless, you can always watch a stream of the event. In contrast it is not quite the same as being there if you are an avid Fortnite player.

The event goes live later today, therefore the current season will end tomorrow and the next season of the game will go live on Wednesday.

The Fortnite event will take place in Midas’s room in the Agency HQ. It looks like your typical evil glowing orb which will undoubtedly bring untold destruction.

Additionally, we can assume that the Agency HQ will be the epicentre of the Fortnite event.

Find yourself a spot where you have a good view of the Agency and you should be able to see the event clearly.

Of course, this might not be the case and it could be happening across the entire map.

Regardless, you will not want to miss this one. Make sure you log in around 6:30pm BST tonight.

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