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Fortnite Season 2 – What to Expect

The wait is finally over for the Fortnite fans since it has been announced that the Fortnite Season 2 – Next Chapter is finally here.

The new season brings a whole lot of improvements to the battle royale game, having all-new gameplay features and possibilities.

The island map has been renewed for secret passages and hideouts and the players will have the opportunity to unlock the new character skins that come in the season’s battle pass.

New Features in Fortnite

For those of us that are really into Fortnite, by purchasing the new battle pass you will get a clear picture of what has been improved.

For the superhero theme lovers, the Deadpool was added to the character choice, while it has not yet been cleared how we will unlock those new characters.

However, he is not the only addition to the Fortnite character choice, since there are quite a few interesting new faces.

Peely, the banana in tuxedo and Meowscles, the cat henchman is specifically interesting, while there are many more of the new choices such as Maya, a mysterious female character.

As we know, the character customization has been taken to a next level in the Fortnite Season 2, so you will now be able to modify your character in more than 10 new ways.

When it comes to the customization of characters, it is important to point out that there will now be two variant versions for all characters – Ghost and the Shadow.

Gameplay Features of the Fortnite Season 2

Although character changes are very interesting, the gameplay scene has also been equipped with lots of new features.

For the team rumble mode, you can now choose a series of added weapons and equipment.

You will also be able to continuously use the glider without worrying if you will be able to do it again.

The all-new island is specific for the Fortnite Season 2, having replaced the famous island from the first chapter of the game and is offering more content, more gear and more options for the gameplay.

The maps are also updated and edited to the smallest detail, so the new chapter of the famous game, now officially titled: “Fortnite Season 2 – Top Secret” will make you want to sit and play the whole day long.

After all these announced improvements and changes, we can only look forward to uncovering all the great new features of the game.

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