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Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free

Recently, people were asked about the one thing that they disliked about their iPhone 5. Many remarked that it was the battery life. It just did not stand up to high performance usage. Well, the good news is that Apple is doing the right thing for those iPhone’s that were purchased between September 12 2012 […]

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Gmail “Easily” Hacked According to Tests

As complicated and secure as you thought Gmail was, it was eventually hacked. Amazingly enough it was hacked with a 92 percent success rate by researchers from the U.S. The researchers who comprised mostly of computer scientists and technicians were able to gain access to various applications developed including Gmail. They did this by developing […]

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Use Message Customizer to Add Pictures to Texts and Change Bubble Color in iOS7

Are you bored of your text messages appearing in the same sort of theme every time? Do you want some innovation in the looks of texts in iOS7? Messages customizer might be a very good tweak in this regard. This release of Cydia doesn’t present plethora of features, but it allows users to make significant […]

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Apple iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 update fix SSL security problem

Apple released an IOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 update to fix an SSL security issue that was related to in-app purchases that could have been made with insecure authorization.  If you are updating your phone, I would recommend a Wi-Fi connection.  It’s around 13mb and took me 5 minutes to complete.  It seems to take a […]

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Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps For Android

Are you really looking to burn your fats and reduce your weight? This is the right place to get your desired results. People seek motivation for exercising or having a proper diet plan that helps decreasing their weight. However, often in our busy life, we don’t find the time for an extensive work out or […]

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Pinterest Releases Interactive Maps -Good for Travel Photos?

Pinterest just released interactive maps, so you can now geo target your Pin’s.  After clicking on their example I could see how it may be useful.  Probably not something all of us will use, but it’s a cool feature to get people to start uploading their own photos to Pinterest rather than re-pin others. After […]

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Law Enforcement Pushes for Smartphone Kill Switch, Greater Social Responsibility

With mobile phone theft growing into a national epidemic – 1 in 3 robberies in the U.S. involve phones, per the Federal Communications Commission – cell phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have suggested the introduction of a “kill” switch that would disable a stolen device. However, according to San Francisco District Attorney George […]