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iPhone would not turn off – What should I do?

If your iPhone would not turn off, then don’t worry. You are not the only one! This happens with lots of other iPhone users as well. This article will help you to figure out what should you do.

Why Won’t My iPhone Turn Off?

There are a few different potential causes for this, but usually, it’s a software problem. Also, sometimes it happens that the screen or power button isn’t working correctly.

The first thing you should try to do is restarting it. 

What should I do? 

If you have iPhone 8 or older model follow these steps:

Firstly, hold down the Side or the Top button until you see the Power Off slider on the screen. This should still work, even if the phone is frozen. When the slider appears, drag it to the right to turn off the device. Lastly, press and hold down the button on the top or side until you see the Apple logo. The phone should restart in a few minutes. 

However, if you have iPhone X or later models, follow these steps: 

Firstly, Press and hold down the Side button. At the same time, hold the Volume Down or the Volume Up button. You should see the same Power Off slider appear on the screen.

Drag the slider, turning off the device. This method forces the phone to restart, so again, this should work even if the device was refusing to be turned off.

Lastly, press and hold down the Side button again. You’ll see the Apple logo come up, and the phone should restart. You ought to be able to turn it off now with no problems.

Try a Hard Reset

If your iPhone still won’t turn off, try a hard reset of the device. These steps are the same for every version of the iPhone.

Before you start, make sure that you have done a backup of the iPhone. 

Go to Settings, then General. Scroll down to the very bottom, where you should see the Reset option. An option will come up that says Erase All Content and Settings. Press it. The phone will be restored to factory settings. When the process is complete, you will see the Slide to Set Up welcome screen, just as if the phone was new. 

I hope that this article helped you to resolve your problem.

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