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Did iPhone ban Fortnite? What happened?

Apple banned Fortnite

Did iPhone ban Fortnite from its App Store, leaving thousands of players without their favorite game? The conflict started after a Fortnite latest update. It let players buy in-game currency at a lower rate if they bought directly from maker Epic Games.

How they said in Apple – this was a violation of App Store terms and conditions.  

Those who have already downloaded Fortnite on iOS are still able to access the game. You can still play Season 3, but your opponents will be limited to fellow Apple players.

However, new downloads are not available as a result of Apple banning the game from the App Store. 

Did iPhone ban Fortnite and Why?

Apple is facing popular criticism these days over how it manages the App Store and its mandatory fees. When you make in-app purchases from an iOS app, Apple takes a 30% cut.

Apple simply says is justified by the service it provides. Apple’s contracts prohibit trying to break the rules.

However, Epic tried to challenge the rule. Epic encouraged iOS players to buy the game’s digital currency, known as V-Bucks, directly from Epic. Obviously, it was against Apple’s in-app purchase system rules.

To make it look even better, Epic offered a discount to those who bought V-Bucks directly. Consumers may have viewed it as a loyalty bonus. On the other side, Apple saw it as a gross violation of its contract with Epic. 

What about Android?

Epic implemented its payment system in the Android version of Fortnite as well. Google took similar action and removed the game from the Play Store.

However, Android users are still able to download Fortnite using Epic’s app launcher. Unfortunately, on iOS, the App Store is the only way to legitimately load apps.

Did iPhone ban Fortnite? Why is this such a big deal?

It seems that this isn’t just a conflict between Epic and Apple. The entire foundation of the app economy is at stake. Epic isn’t the only company to fight with Apple.

The problem is that Apple holds an anti-competitive and unlawful monopoly that actively harms app and game developers and consumers. 

Is there any chance that Apple will allow back Fortnite?

In a statement, Apple has said that it plans to work with Epic to “resolve these violations”.

So, Fortnite may be allowed back into the App Store if and when it follows the store’s terms and conditions.

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