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Does the iPhone 11 come with airpods? Should you get a spare?

Does the iPhone 11 come with airpods? Many are probably wondering does the iPhone 11 come with airpods. Unfortunately, it does not. AirPods are Apple’s pair of truly wireless earbuds. They come with a cute little case that both protects the airpods when they are not in use and keeps them charged. Additionally, the latest […]

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Apple COVID-19 tracker – Here’s what you should know

In the light of recent events of COVID-19 pandemic, apple and google joined their forces. In order to create an assistant for COVID-19 exposure notifications – The Apple Covid-19 Tracker. Since it started rolling out and many didn’t know the ropes about it, they are now suspicious their phone is spying on them. Well, the […]

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National Pancake Day – IHOP Offers Free Pancakes

For those of us that are just addicted to all kinds of pancakes, there comes a day when we celebrate this amazing desert and its creation. On the National Pancake Day, you will have a chance to celebrate the origin of pancakes, as well as to get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes. This offer […]

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AMD Stock is Falling Down – Poor Management is to blame

Certainly not expected, an AMD stock fell after the market closed on Tuesday. The Advanced Micro Devices, or so-called AMD, company is suffering a proportional loss of stocks. Namely, this happened due to the fact that their management struggles with the choices they made. Even though they had a good couple of years in the […]

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Chick-fil-A is adding mac and cheese to its menu and it looks amazing

Chick-fil-A isn’t one to add buzz-foods, like Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries, but they recently made the decision to offer Mac and Cheese to their menu. After testing in a few select cities, they decided it was a worthy option to add to their VERY selective menu.  They keep the bar high when it comes to […]

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Microsoft Green Screen of Death is a Thing Now (GSOD)

We all know the famous Blue Screen of Death by Microsoft, right? The BSOD is going to be dropped for a green screen of death in the next build. The testers have already noticed. Chris123NT on Twitter released this image during testing: so on a hunch I tried to force a bug check and well, […]

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The Tesla Roadster Debuting in 2019 Will Be One of the Quickest Cars in the World

According to Elon Musk’s subtle hints, the next Tesla all-electric convertible will be even quicker than the Model S. “There is of course one speed faster than Ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next-generation Roadster: maximum plaid,” Tesla mentioned in a press release. The Model S, is currently their fastest model, bursting to 60 […]