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AMD Stock is Falling Down – Poor Management is to blame

Certainly not expected, an AMD stock fell after the market closed on Tuesday. The Advanced Micro Devices, or so-called AMD, company is suffering a proportional loss of stocks. Namely, this happened due to the fact that their management struggles with the choices they made.

Even though they had a good couple of years in the past, their stock revenue and value started to fall. And, that leads to the conclusion that the company is not trustworthy anymore when it comes to profit.

AMD Stock – Earnings

It’s safe to say that AMD earning for the last fourth-quarter are significantly good. Simply speaking, their share jumped by $0.01 which is quite high considering the fact that they have over a million shares. Also, the company overall revenue rose 7.4 % which is exactly $465 million. And, all that is in the last fourth-quarter.

However, that’s not the case with the first quarter of 2020. Namely, the AMD stock exchange was not that good since they expected to earn much more. AMD’s first-quarter revenue was 15.5 % lower than expected. In case you wonder how much money that is, well, it’s approximately $1.86 billion.

Now, we can see the exact number of their loss. And, it’s safe to say that it’s not looking good for the AMD company.

AMD is still profitable

Since they suffered huge loss due to their poor management, it’s certain that AMD needs to get back on the top. After all, we can all agree that this company belongs to the very top in their field.

Now, their analyst revised the whole business plan and suggested some changes. First, they increased their target price on AMD stock from $34 to $45. This move will bring them more buyers in case they start to grow, which is nearly guaranteed.

Also, it’s a good thing that this company is in safe hands since they are revised by 40 different analysts. Therefore, we can all agree that their stock revenue will rise after some time. After all, time is needed for them to get back on the horse.

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