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How to Get More Positive Reviews: The Ultimate Guide for Businesses

Did you know that 90 % of customers will read online reviews before they visit your business?

Are you wondering how to get your customers to leave positive reviews? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to encourage customers to write reviews.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Ask Your Customers to Leave Reviews

This might seem like a standard tip, but a lot of businesses don’t ask their customers or clients to do this. You might buy a few things every day. Does every business ask you to leave a comment?

If you notice your customer is happy with your service or product, ask them to write a review. To help encourage this, you can ask them how their experience was during the service.

Once they have replied in a positive manner, you could ask them to post it on your Facebook page or review site. Most customers are happy to do so.

If you feel your customer is in a hurry, you can send them a thank you note or follow up email. Add the link to the review site below your note.

When you ask a client to do so right away, the experience is present in their mind. Most people will leave reviews once prompted.

If you are an online shop, make sure you send a follow-up email a week after. This way, your customers will get reminded to leave a note about the item they bought.

Only ask for reviews after you’ve heard from your customers that they had a positive experience.

Talk About the Importance of Reviews 

Explain to your customer why you’re asking them for a review. Their feedback can help encourage other customers to check out your business. Without positive reviews, people will assume your service or product is average.

Highlight Where Customers Can Leave Reviews 

If people head to your website or social media sites, make sure it’s clear where they can drop a review. This way, customers won’t get frustrated and decide not to comment.

You can add website badges for your Facebook, Yelp, or Amazon page. This way, customers can head over to read and write reviews.

Make sure your website’s optimized for mobile devices. This way, people who browse your website on their phone can read more about your business or service.

When customers come in who have left a review, ask them about their experience. Find out if it’s a straightforward process or if they had any suggestions.

Claim Online Listings

Don’t limit yourself to Facebook and Google but aim to use plenty of online listings. Your business will get a more significant online presence. Consumers will have an easier time finding out about your service and product.

There is the added benefit that customers will leave more reviews. A lot of people will look to Google for reviews. Yet, a large percent turn to TripAdvisor and Yelp for information. Google yelp reviews to find out more.

Provide Tokens of Appreciation

Depending on your business, you could offer a small discount when a customer leaves a review. When inviting the customer to leave a review, tell them that you will provide them with a reward.

Reward Your Employees

Teach your team about the importance of providing your customers with excellent service. Also, help them figure out a way to request reviews from customers. Teach them how important it is to ask for reviews.

You can create an incentive program. Employees could receive a cash bonus for the number of reviews they get each month. Decide on what bonus will make sense for your employees.

Reviews can have a major impact. Customers seek out information about your service before buying. Spend your marketing dollars in this area.

Highlight Positive Reviews

Whenever you receive a stellar review, post it on your website. Highlight the comment in an email message. Take a screenshot of the review as well. You can include the picture in videos, newsletters, and brochures.

Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews

A negative review can impact a potential customer’s perception of your business. Make sure you follow up with every negative review left on your social media or website.

If someone had a poor experience with an employee or product, thank them for their feedback. Apologize and work on a solution.

Aim to switch the negative experience to a positive one. If you’re able to do so, ask if you have permission to post about the resolution. You want to try and convert any negative reviews to a positive one right away.

Thank your positive reviewers for taking the time to share about their experience. The reviewer will note that you responded to their comments. This will encourage them to comment again in the future.

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Make sure your social media platforms are active and updated. Future customers and clients may come across your business and make a judgment. Aim to focus on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On your social media platforms, you can highlight your reviews between informational posts.

Something that a client said could encourage a new customer to seek out your services. By keeping your audience engaged online, you can increase your business’s presence.

Now You Know How to Get Positive Reviews

We hope you found this guide on positive reviews helpful. Train your employees to provide excellent service and invite customers to leave reviews.

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