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Chris Doleman dies – Hall of Famer passes away at 58

A former Minnesota Viking Chris Doleman dies of cancer at 58. Everyone who loves football certainly knows the name of Chris Doleman. His speed and power pushed him into the very top of the NFL’s most skilled players. During his 15 seasons in the league, he secured his spot in the Hall of Fame with his great plays and huge sportsmanship.

As we can all see, everyone is expressing their condolences and kind words over this tragic loss. The Vikings and the Pro Football Hall of Fame expressed their condolences as well. They both said in separate statements that Doleman’s death occurred on Tuesday night.

Many will miss him

Since Chris Doleman earned his spot in the hall of fame, he was supposed to be on every single Super Bowl as an observer. However, we all know that he couldn’t attend the 52nd Super Bowl in Minnesota, which is actually quite saddening. The surgery stopped him to come and cheer for his favorite team.

However, even though cancer diagnosis and surgery stopped him to attend many events, he showed at Canton. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony that was held at Canton was enriched with the presence of this superstar. We can all agree that no one could stop him from presenting himself in the best possible light.

Also, his former teammate was there as well, Randy Moss. They both spent some quality time together and remembered their days on the field.

Vikings all the way

Chris Doleman’s career was full of ups and downs. However, we can all agree that he made it through thick and thin and earn his spot in the Hall of Fame as one of the best NFL players that ever lived. Therefore, his starting team, the Vikings, was exactly the place where he retired back in 1999.


‘’Chris was a great example for players past and present, as he embodied all the best characteristics of a Viking — resilience, toughness and a competitive spirit”

Chris Doleman – Hall of Fame Superstar

One thing is certain, Chris Doleman was a great athlete and even better sportsman. Therefore, a president of Hall of Fame, David Baker said that witnessing his career is truly something special.

Baker said:

“The legacy of Chris Doleman will live forever in Canton, Ohio, for generations to learn from how he lived a life of courage and character”

This loss is truly tragic, especially after what happened not so long ago with the Kobe Bryant.

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