Will the Broncos Game be the Only Super Bowl Blowout?

The biggest difference so far in NFL Super Bowl history is 45 points.  Ironically it’s the Broncos with the worst point difference!  Woah, hopefully they don’t repeat history!  Here’s the top 5 right here. DIFF SB  WINNER PTS LOSER PTS … Continued

Bill Maher Tim Tebow Tweet Crosses the Line

The comedian Bill Maher is taking a lot of heat after his tweet about Tim Tebow’s loss to the Buffalo Bills over the weekend.  Yes everyone is joking about Tebow’s PDR (Public Display of Religion) and how it’s a little … Continued

Tim Tebow Jesus SNL Skit – (Live Youtube Video)

tim tebow snl skit

Tim Tebow Saturday Night Live  Jesus Skit If you haven’t been living under a shell and somewhat follow sports (or don’t follow them at all), I’m sure you’ve heard of Tim Tebow, the quarterback from the Denver Broncos.  Hes a … Continued