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5 Tips To Faster Internet Speeds

Before attempting to increase the speed of an internet connection, it helps to download a speed tester that can give an indication of how fast the connection is in general. With this reading, testing can be done for increases and … Continued

Firefox Beats Internet Explorer, Now #1 Browser in Europe

For the first time ever, Mozilla’s Firefox has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the #1 web browser in Europe. According to StatCounter, a web analytics firm, Firefox dominated with a 38.11% web browser market share while Internet Explorer came in … Continued

HTC EVO 4G Speed – Has Anyone Hit 10Mbps?

HTC EVO 4G Speed – Has Anyone Hit 10Mbps? I’ve heard it said that Sprint’s 4G WiMax network is capable of hitting speeds up to 10Mbps (10 megs) of download speed on a mobile device such as the HTC EVO … Continued

Test Your Internet Speed With New FCC Sponsored Tool

The Federal Government is making it easier for you, the consumer, to test your Internet speed and to verify that you are actually getting what you paid for. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission), has released a new Internet speed testing … Continued

Topeka Kansas Renamed Google Kansas

Topeka, Kansas renamed Google, Kansas In what is truly a bizarre story, the Mayor of Topeka, Kansas is fighting for his city to picked as a testing ground for Google super fast Internet connection.  And the strategy to get Google’s … Continued