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How To Start A Great Internet Marketing Team For Your Company

The world of digital marketing can be extremely competitive and allow a company to take business to the next level. Creating a digital marketing department at a company can take time but the rewards can be immense. Putting together a team that will deliver month after month means hiring processes need to be perfected. The last thing you want to do is put a team together and have them utilize budget then not see an ROI from it. The following are tactics that will help you start a digital marketing team that will be a success.

Attract Talent With A Fun Office

The digital marketing community is full of people with unique personalities which can make the office quite a fun place. Things like having shoulder massage chairs for people during their breaks can contribute to the relaxed and fun atmosphere. Those that are creative that do web design or content creation should be able to put headphones in as it helps them concentrate. Top talent will want to work at a company that allows them to be as creative as possible. If a fun office won’t attract top talent, allowing employees to work from home will as this is seen as the ultimate perk at a job.

Freelance To Hire

The freelance economy is booming with quite a bit of talent that can be used. Hiring a freelancer to complete projects is the perfect opportunity for a “try out” to see if they would make a good hire. Things like clear communication and hitting deadlines should always be of high importance. This is a great tactic but be aware that some people love freelancing and are not looking for full-time employment. A strong team of freelancers can do the same job as hiring full-time employees and often it far less expensive.

Test Those Being Interviewed

If an interviewee is coming in for an interview you should have a task for them related to the job to complete. A writer should be given a brief with guidelines to see how fast and high quality their writing is. A designer should design something or show examples of previously completed work. A lot of people in digital marketing refer to themselves as “gurus” but do not live up to the name. This will also give the company the ability to see how the person works and if they can perform under pressure.

Check Social Media Accounts

If a person considers themself an expert in social media marketing and only have 100 followers on Twitter then they likely are not an expert. Social media account checking can also be a great way to see if a person will be a culture fit. This also allows a company to see if the person is someone they would like representing the brand. A lot of people looking for jobs delete social media accounts so they cannot be researched or change their name to make it difficult to find.

As you can see building a team will take time as well as a bit of change to the hiring process. Do not underestimate what internet marketing can do for a large or small business.

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