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Are You a True Beginner? 7 Free Digital Marketing Courses You Should Check Out

In today’s job force, if you don’t know about digital marketing you will be left in the dust.

Technology is evolving faster and faster every year. This means that new types of jobs will become available to keep up with these ever-changing needs. Are you savvy enough to work in this high tech world?

Education can be very expensive but without it, you may not be qualified for new digital marketing jobs. However, you don’t need to take out a huge loan to go back to school. There are a bunch of digital marketing classes you can take online for free!

These courses are quick, easy to digest seminars that will empower you to enter the digital marketing sector with confidence. 

There are many websites that offer great digital marketing tips. Those are great ways to keep up with the latest trends. But what if you’re entering this world as a total novice?

Reading tips online is great. But if you want something more official, consider learning from these online digital marketing courses.

1. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

This is one of the first massive online open courses or MOOCs. Started in 2007 by Mike Feerick, Alison now boats six million users. They host certified online courses for the amazing price of zero dollars.

Alison offers a variety of courses that specialize in things like search engine analytics, digital measurement, and much more. And if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, they can even help you become a coder.

Give yourself and your checkbook a break. Go back to school from home for free!

2. SEO Training Course by Moz

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is probably the most important skill a digital marketer can possess today. There are many tricks of the trade that can’t be self-taught. You need an expert to show you the ropes.

The SEO Training Course by Moz is the perfect course for all SEO rookies. Over 150,000 students have taken Rand Fishkin’s three and a half hour video seminar. After getting through the lecture you actually receive certification in SEO education. 

For less than half a day and no money, you can get on your way to mastering SEO. 

3. Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification

Here’s another great course offing certification without any tuition. The Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification is available on HubSpot Academy. There are currently over 3,000 students enrolled in the free courses at HubSpot.

This four and a half hour lecture covers all the basics of digital marketing. From conversation optimization to email marketing, no digital rock will be left unturned. 

Hopefully, you pay close attention to all the details. The end of the course you need to pass an exam to receive your certification.

The studying will be well worth it!

If you pass this exam you will receive a digital badge you can add to your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Potential employers will love to see you are coming to the table with quantifiable digital marketing skills.  

4. Twitter Flight School

Twitter is not just a place for people to argue online. It’s also one of the key tools for modern digital marketing. Like the bird logo for Twitter, this class will help you spread your wings and fly in the digital space. 

This “Flight School” is a great way to get savvy about how to make Twitter work for you. It features a bunch of short lessons that all add up to under two hours.

This is one digital marketing course you’ll want to retweet.

5. Google Online Marketing Challenge

Some people need to have a fire lit under them to do something new. That’s why the Google Online Marketing Challenge is a very effective digital marketing course. Not only does it feature comprehensive lessons, but you can also win prizes!

Google gives all its students $250 in AdWords dollars to test out their own advertising campaign. You’ll compete against other learners over a three week period of time to see whose campaign is the most successful.

If you’re the competitive type, this is the perfect course for you. Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll get real-world experience as well. Plus, you may even win a prize! 

6.  How To Use Instagram Stories for Business

The best way to get marketing content out to young people today is through Instagram stories. Even more so than TV, young people are watching these stories all day long. As a burgeoning digital marker, it’s important to know how to harness this power.

‘Later’ is an app that can be used to schedule Instagram posts and stories throughout the day. It features courses to help you use the app to your advantage. The best one for Insta newbies is ‘How To Use Instagram Stories For Business’.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to execute a successful story campaign. Plus, there are authentic testimonials from influencers who’ve grown their brand through Instagram stories.

7. Social Marketing Education 2018

To fill in any gaps in your social media marketing education, you need to take this course at Hootsuite. With 97 videos accompanied by 27 quizzes, this is one of the most intensive free courses on the web.

This extensive syllabus walks you through all the steps it takes to form an all-out social media blitz. You’ll learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram in concert to deliver cohesive branding messaging.

After getting through this course you will be totally ready for the digital marketing world.

Check Out These Free Digital Marketing Courses 

Don’t enter the modern day job force unprepared. Take one of these free digital marketing courses today!

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to never stop learning. For more great how-to tech articles click here

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