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Followers for Sale? How to Buy Followers on Instagram – the Right Way!

Fake Instagram followers are far more common than you might think. Social media is all about perception, and more people perceive more followers in a positive way.

One reason why fake followers can influence the market is the psychological theory of social proof. It posits that human beings imitate other humans – our decision and actions are often based on what we observe others deem acceptable.

If an internet user is uncertain about any topic, they will look to people similar to themselves for the answer. The number of people backing any idea, and the expertise of those people, are the most influential factors in social proof.

To learn how you can buy followers on Instagram the right way and get your social proofing on, keep reading below.

What Are You Really Buying?

What are you really getting when you buy Instagram followers? That’s a good question.

Also known as bots, these fake accounts exist solely for the purpose of inflating social media profiles. Some almost look like real accounts, with a few pictures, comments, and likes. Others look completely fake, lack any pictures, and even have text exclaiming, “BUY FOLLOWERS!”

As social media gets more sophisticated, these accounts attempt to look more real. It’s better to purchase more authentic bots as to avoid your fake followers being easily found out.

How to Buy Followers on Instagram

The process of buying fake followers has always been a little shady. This is due to the nature of buying fake followers – essentially intended to influence others without their knowledge.

Companies like YouTube and Instagram have already attempted to purge fake accounts from their websites. Unfortunately for them, it’s a trend that persists because it works so well.

Pick a Company

The first step to buying fake followers is to browse places like this website to decide what company to purchase from. Make sure to do some research before handing over your money.

Pick Your Number

After choosing what company to go with, you’ll likely be presented with a menu of options. Do you want a small package for a small price, or more followers for more money?

Get Your Followers

You’ll need to fork over your account information to finalize the process. It shouldn’t take long for your followers to start filing into your account. You can review your recent activity to see the quality of the accounts following you.

Monitor the Activity

The work doesn’t end after purchasing followers. It’s also a good idea to monitor those followers to ensure than you are getting what you paid for.

Unfortunately, many users who have purchased followers have reported those followers disappearing shortly after they arrived.

Instagram Strategies and More

The process of how to buy followers on Instagram has always been an underground business. Most social media accounts don’t want their authentic audience to know that some of their followers are fake.

With this guide, you can purchase followers discreetly and attempt your own social proof experiment.

To learn about more of the latest trends in Instagram social media strategy, don’t forget to check out our blog page.

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