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The US is Rapidly Evacuating Americans – Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 100

We’ve already heard and seen what the coronavirus is able to do, and, that’s exactly the reason why the US is evacuating Americans from Wuhan. Namely, the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly which means that other countries are in the fear of being infected by it.

Therefore, the U.S. consulate staffers and every other citizen of America will immediately evacuate from Wuhan. Simply put, everyone from Wuhan will start to transport to California on Wednesday. The reason is obvious – the coronavirus death toll exceeds 100 in a very short time.

Evacuating Americans – Did anyone catch the Virus?

Luckily, there are no reported cases of Corona Virus in the US. But, that doesn’t mean that the virus is not in the states. Namely, we can all see that the virus is spreading wild. And, that’s exactly why every other country is also trying to fight the virus.

However, the U.S. health officials are offering their help to China as they try to join the team and enhance the efforts there. Therfore, the Chinese officials are happy to have that help and arrangements are already made for U.S. health officials to go there and help.

No Confirmation Yet

Since the virus first spotted in the middle of January, China’s health officials are treating it with maximum precaution so far. However, they don’t actually know much about the virus as they are trying to figure it out with the team of experts.

Simplt speaking, the only thing they can confirm is that everything is experimental so far. Also, as the virus is spreading, U.S. officials from the consulate and others are rapidly coming back to the states. However, the department said:

“This capacity is extremely limited and if there is insufficient ability to transport everyone who expresses interest, priority will be given to individuals at greater risk from coronavirus”

This is clearly a message to all that the virus is nothing to joke about and it is something that treats the whole planet.

How many Americans are there?

Well, from the last counting, there are approximately 1000 American citizens in the Wuhan at the moment. Furthermore, They are all waiting to be evacuated as U.S. officials are evacuating Americans from the place where the virus appeared.

In other words, The State Department said it was working with Chinese officials to identify alternative routes for U.S. citizens to depart Wuhan over land.

One thing is certain, the virus is spreading and officials are evacuating Americans from Wuhan.

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