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Is Google Docs Temporarily Disabled? What Happened?

There are many people reporting that Google Docs and Google Drive are down for the time being. What happens to be the case here? Why are there so many reports?

As we can all see, free internet users are faced with this kind of problem. Simply speaking, services such as Google sheets, slides, and even drawings are all down at this very moment.

Is everything OK with Google Docs?

According to many different sources, if one would try to connect to Google Docs, the only thing they would see is one message.

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later.”

Anyway, this is not usual for Google and all their gadgets and applications. Thousands of users all across the globe are reporting that they also got this message. Luckily, Google is always on top of the problem so we can expect these applications to work once again.


Well, nobody knows exactly when.

On the other hand, users are also experiencing some spikes when they try to load their stuff from Google Drive. Namely, this is not usual as well, and it causes a lot of concerns for those who are using this kind of application.

Everyone is Losing Patience

From a variety of sources, we saw that people are losing patience when it comes to Google Docs. Simply put, there are loads of tweets saying exactly the same thing.

‘’Why is my Google Docs not working?’’

However, some are more concerned about the Google Docs repair. And, they are wondering when they can start using Google Docs again. Anyhow, one thing is certain, this malfunction of one of the biggest programs on the planet is outraging.

Furhtermore, some users tweeted with lots of sarcasm. Therefore, we can see that one guy wrote: “Of course Google Docs would go down when I finally have time today to work on my essay.” Anyway, this clearly shows that people are really pissed off when it comes to Goggle Docs at this moment.

To be honest, it’s probably one of the bugs they are experiencing in the program maintenance. However, we can’t be sure, but, one this is certain, Google will be back and fully working, in no time.

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