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Nick Cordero died of coronavirus – Broadway lost a lot

Nick Cordero died after a grueling battle with the coronavirus. Cordero, his wife and son had been staying at Braff’s guest house in L.A. while they were house-shopping when he became ill. Nick Cordero roles Nick Cordero was a Tony-nominated actor known for his work in “Bullets Over Broadway”, “Waitress” and “A Bronx Tale the […]

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Arizona coronavirus strikes again – Everything is shutdown

Gov. Doug Ducey shuttered all bars in the state for at least the next 30 days due to the Arizona coronavirus. Arizona coronavirus The moves come as Ducey acknowledged the explosion of Arizona coronavirus cases that started two weeks after his order reopening the state economy. That two weeks coincides with the incubation period of […]

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When can we stop wearing masks? Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus outbreak hit us unexpectedly and brutally, viciously spreading worldwide. And, we are still wondering when can we stop wearing masks? From that moment, the measures we are getting used to are still in effect. So, masks became a global symbol of the pandemic. Suffice to say, the question is – When can we […]

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Second stimulus check – 3 Reasons for giving up on it

The COVID-19 pandemic left traces in the economy in every country in the world, including the US. Therefore, is second stimulus check really needed? Second stimulus check Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, while countless more are grappling with income insecurity. Thankfully, the CARES Act has already […]

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Apple COVID-19 tracker – Here’s what you should know

In the light of recent events of COVID-19 pandemic, apple and google joined their forces. In order to create an assistant for COVID-19 exposure notifications – The Apple Covid-19 Tracker. Since it started rolling out and many didn’t know the ropes about it, they are now suspicious their phone is spying on them. Well, the […]

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How long does coronavirus last? Scientist Discovery

As more cases of the new coronavirus are diagnosed throughout the US, many people are wondering how they can prepare, what it is like to have it and how long does coronavirus last. Symptoms The virus can be especially risky for the elderly and immunocompromised. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to prevent the […]

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How did the coronavirus start? Explanation of what happened

We all wonder how did the coronavirus start, and here’s the main story we all should know. It all started in Wuhan, Eastern China city with over 11 million people. When the WHO’s China office first heard reports on the now-known, coronavirus. Therefore, the discovery of the virus and the initial epidemic is mainly in […]