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Newt Gingrich – Control the Border First

Newt Gingrich – Control the Border First If you do not subscribe to the Newt Gingrich Letter, I would suggest that you do so. Even if you do not agree with him politically, you need to at least read what … Continued

Racial Discrimination in Arizona Schools

Arizona Governor  Jan Brewer has signed a bill that targets a schools ethnic studies program. She signs this bill when just 3 weeks ago she signed a bill for one of the nations toughest crackdowns on illegal immigration. Arizona states … Continued

Arizona & Immigration: 10 States Consider Similar Laws

Arizona & Immigration:  10 States Consider Similar Laws State immigration legislation is being considered in Idaho, Utah, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina,  and Colorado.

Lettuce Recall as E. Coli corrupts

This could turn you into this. No we cannot change into giant lettuce heads, but after an E. Coli outbreak we should watch what we eat. 19 people or more are currently ill which has sparked the FDA to hunt … Continued